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Making Paintball stronger!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Urho is allways ready to help this sport grow stronger and let people know about it.


Sunday 7. October Leader and charter member of Urho Jani Leskinen represented paintball in television show called "Kaikki Vastaan 1". In the show people from the audience and from home have chance to be part of the game with mobile phones trying to guess closest to right answers about whats happening in the show. In this episode Jani had task to shoot paintballs to the wall and infront of it there was wooden board with heart shaped holes in it. Mission was to paint hearts in the wall by shooting paintballs in heart shapes.

Friday 29. June we got opportunity to represent paintball at national television. Television show called "Posse" needed paintball team to be part of their show and at that point we really didnt know where we was going.

In the show we needed to shoot hosts and youtubers called Herbalisti and lakko while they was trying to get trough obstacle course.

Remember to watch also video where Urho was part of the show Dudesons.


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