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Challenging year 2020 for all of us

A very challenging year 2020 finished! Despite the challenges, in Finland we were able to play Paintball almost the full season. In addition, Urho continued training young players using Planet Eclipse Emek markers throughout the year.

Due to the exceptional situation that started in the world at the beginning of the year because of COVID-19, the tournament rounds started a little later than normal. Season was shortened from the normal four tournaments to three tournaments.

The tournament rounds of the 2020 season started in Kirkkonummi, where in the Finnish National League Urho placed 3rd and in the1st division league Urho Purple played a great tournament win for themselves!

After Urho's fine season opening round of 2020 we started get ready for SUURPELI(Big Game) that is an event being held in Finland every summer. For more information about SUURPELI, click here. 13 people from Urho took part in Big Game season 2020.

More awesome pictures from Big Game 2020 at -webpage.

After a short week of recovering from Big Game, it was time for a second tournament round in Vierumäki. In Finnish National League Urho placed 7th and in the 1st division league Urho Purple placed 6th.

3rd tournament round was played in Rauma and with it also a very difficult season came to an end. Urho's SPBL tournament season 2020 placements: in Finnish National League Urho placed 5th and in the 1st division league Urho Purple placed 4th.

SPBL tournament season 2020 Finnish National League victory went to team Waasankadun Palloseura and in the 1st. Division league victory to team Räyhä. Congratulations to the winners!


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