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  • Jani Leskinen

2022 was The Best Season since 2012!

Urho managed to win silver in both national competition levels: the national league and 1st division.

In the league Urho placed 5th, 3rd, 2nd and 2nd in the four tournaments during the season. Team progressed steadily and started winning against last years champs WPS in the prelims in Lappeenranta and Pirkkala tournaments. With this elevated confidence most of other teams were no match for Urho. Just only in the finals losing to the 2022 champions Dream Team from Turku.

League medals were long time coming, latest season podium was in 2012 for Urho. Most players of the season 2022 roster were on the league podium for the first time in their career.

To add joy and celebration, Urho purple battled through 1st division neck and neck with PH Young Guns who just barely snatched the division gold in front or our team. Purple managed to win the tournament in Lappeenranta other rankings being 3rd, 3rd and 2nd.

Silver in div 1 is a great achievement for our team which included our younger generation players. Most of these youngsters are U16 and have started their Urho careers in our weekly junior games.

Two season silver medals was a crown to a great year in Urho. We have had a really active season with several new players joining in.

And silver leaves our team hungry to show that they got what it takes to be even better and take the championship back to Urho camp once again.

Team wants to thank our great sponsors Paintball SISSOS Finland and Planet Eclipse for the best gear and markers in the market!

Thank you for news, videos and pictures to news page!

Urho in the national league tournaments

starting from up left: Vierumäki, Kirkkonummi

Lappeenranta and Pirkkala

Urho purple in the 1st Division tournaments

starting from up left: Vierumäki, Kirkkonummi

Lappeenranta and Pirkkala

Urho shooting Planet Eclipse markers since 2008!!


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